It’s about Creativity, ma’am.

Why are you interested in caring for Creativity, Ma’am? According to our records, you are attentive for some weeks and months and then you starve her.

I never starve the child. She’s the one who runs down to the basement and refuses to eat. So, I ignore her until she’s ready to come out. I really can’t stand her inconsistent whiny behavior.

Ma’am, Creativity needs to be nurtured. You can’t expect her to be perfect. You’ll always be disappointed if you do.

Forget perfection, I can’t stand those screechy practice sounds she makes. It’s too hard on my sense of beauty.

Well, Ma’am, maybe it’s time to let go of Creativity. There are some Order and Complacency children who need homes.

Oh, hell, let her stay. Poor thing. I do like her energy and joy when she’s running around the house.

Ma’am, this isn’t your decision. We’re here to decide. You might not have a choice in this.

You’d take Creativity away from me?

Yes, Ma’am.

Well, what do I need to do to keep her?

For starters, open the basement door and never lock it. Better yet, let her live in the main house with Beauty, Honesty and Curiosity. She gets along real well with them.

Second, let her play more every day. Don’t overburden her with chores. In fact, play with her. Sing those nonsensical songs together. Her lyrics will surprise you.

Third, know that she might not write a book or “produce” anything famous. Yet she’ll be brilliant, sprinkling magic in unusual ways. So, stop looking for outcomes.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. “Sprinkling magic?” Sorry, sir, you’ve just lost me with that gobbledygook talk.

Ma’am, Creativity’s mission is magic. It’s not for you to understand. Only for you to care for her so that she can create it.

How can I be expected to do something I don’t understand?

Belief, Ma’am. We love that you’re so grounded in science and data. But there’s more to making meaning than facts. One more thing. In addition to letting Creativity out of the basement, we’d recommend that you let her out of your tidy yard.

But she’ll run wild! Ticks, poison ivy, coming home in the middle of the night, going to bars, talking to strangers on trains. My God, she’ll wander with wild packs and lay in the woods daydreaming all day.

Let’s hope so, Ma’am. If she finds a wild pack, you’ll know she’s on the right path and your job is done. To do that you need to amp up encouragement, take off her harness, and let DJ D-Nice’s music boom through your house. Dance with Creativity. Move the furniture out of the way. Don’t worry about vacuuming, scrubbing the crust off of those pots or returning those boring emails. Groove with her.

She’ll make you a believer, that little Monkee.

Most happy in the wilder-ness of people, ideas and nature. Joyfully rebellious when rested.